Laboratory of Excellence HepSYS
Functional genomics of viral hepatitis and liver disease


HepSYS is a laboratory of excellence (LabEx) of the Research Unit UMR 1110, The Institute of Viral and Liver Disease and is coordinated by its Head, Thomas Baumert. It was created in July 2011 as part of the French program "Investments for the Future". HepSYS is part of the "Initiative of excellence" (IDEX) of the University of Strasbourg.

The LabEx HepSYS proposal is designed to promote the development of novel preventive and therapeutic antiviral strategies for chronic viral hepatitis in collaboration with public foundations and industry. These include strategies based on small molecules, antibodies or small RNAs, such as anti-receptor antibodies, entry and assembly inhibitors, immuno-stimulatory drugs or vaccine candidates. By investigating the pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of chronic viral hepatitis and associated liver disease, this project addresses a large unmet medical need for the development of novel strategies for prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis. HepSYS applies a multidisciplinary approach including cutting-edge molecular virology, immunology and cell biology, functional genomics, bioinformatics, animal and clinical models to thoroughly understand and to model fundamental processes of viral infection and pathogenesis. This multidisciplinary investigation of the molecular mechanisms of virus-host interactions will achieve unique synergies allowing ultimately the identification of novel targets for preventive and therapeutic strategies against viral infections and virus-induced liver disease


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