HepSYS Laboratory of Excellence HepSYS,

a Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) operating under the Research Unit UMR 1110 at the Institute of Viral and Liver Disease, is headed by Thomas Baumert. Established in July 2011 through the “Investments for the Future” initiative in France, HepSYS forms a crucial part of the University of Strasbourg’s “Initiative of Excellence” (IDEX).

The primary aim of the LabEx HepSYS is to foster the development of innovative preventative and therapeutic approaches for chronic viral hepatitis, in collaboration with both public foundations and industry partners. These approaches encompass a range of strategies involving small molecules, antibodies, and small RNAs, such as anti-receptor antibodies, entry and assembly inhibitors, immuno-stimulatory drugs, and potential vaccine candidates. By delving into the pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment of chronic viral hepatitis and associated liver diseases, this initiative aims to address the significant unmet medical need for pioneering preventative and therapeutic solutions for viral hepatitis. HepSYS adopts a multidisciplinary methodology, incorporating cutting-edge techniques from molecular virology, immunology, and cell biology, as well as functional genomics, bioinformatics, animal models, and clinical studies. This comprehensive approach facilitates a deep understanding and modeling of the fundamental processes of viral infection and pathogenesis. Through this thorough exploration of the molecular mechanisms underlying virus-host interactions, HepSYS aims to identify novel targets for preventive and therapeutic strategies against viral infections and virus-induced liver diseases, fostering a unique synergy between diverse scientific domains.